As an individual racer you can test your own strength and technique, as you have nothing to help you through the obstacles. You are independent of other runners and you can run for the best possible time!


Participants racing as a team has the opportunity to help each other on the course, and have an amazing experience of teamwork and community. When You register as a team, You either have to create a teamname (first registration) or join an already existing team  (following registrations). We suggest that all team member register together. That way you end up with your heat being filled up before alle members has registered.

NOTE! If you sign up to multiple races at once, you will save 50 DKK pr. race. THis is for both individuals and teams.

Business team


Bring your employees closer together with a Nordic Race. Sport is a good disruption in a busy work schedule and it brings people closer together, than anything else. We wish to challenge your employees to the absolute max at our events.

Why obstacles? Why not just an ordinary run?

The obstacles we build, is anything else than ordinary. An ordinary run does not give your employees anything else, than an ordinary experience. Nordic Race pushes peoples limits and takes them through both fear and challenges together!

The point of Nordic Race is to overcome obstacles and creating results, together! We believe that your company has a somewhat similar philosophy.


As a signed up business-team you compete against other companies to win our new trophy. It symbolizes the Nordic Race spirit and witnesses to the fastest completion, amongst companies in Denmarks biggest OCR. With the title as winner of the Business Championship is included the engraving of the company name in the trophy, bragging rights, and triumphing at the office, workshop, or in the canteen.

The verdict is based on the teams 10 fastest racers, whos time is added up.


Please fill out the form underneath, then we will contact you with an offer.

My registration

My Sporstimingprofile

In your mail receipt you will find a link to your sportstimingprofile, where you can see your registrations.

When will I receive med starting number?

A couple of days before the event you will receive an e-mail, with more info about the day and your starting number. This is personal an only YOU can collect it at check-in, where you will show valid ID.

I  forgot to register for  my team?

At your Sportstimingprofils you can register to tan already created team, or you can change your teamname.

I can’t see my registration at my Sporstimingprofile?

If you can not see your registration at your profile, it does not necessarily mean that you are not registered, as there can be mistakes. Write to for help.

I haven’t received my mail receipt?

If you haven’t received your mail receipt, you might have put in a wrong email address, or it can have ended up in your spamfilter. Remember to check your spamfilter in your mail browser, before you send us an email at At your Sportstimingprofil, du can correct your mail address, or you can have resend your mailreceipt by clicking here.

Where can I find the list of all racers?

Startlists are found here:
Hasle Hills

I can’t participate anyways?

If you are prevented from racing you have 2 options.

  1. Give/sell your ticket: On your Sportstimingprofile you can change the name on the ticket for an administration fee of 150 DKK.
  2. Switch your ticket: Switch your ticket to another race, within the same year/season, for an administrations fee of 150 DKK. Write to, if you wish to switch your ticket. OBS: It is not possible to refund tickets.